Hiking Mount Kilimanjaro

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Mount Kilimanjaro lies on a unimaginative section of the East-African plateau, on Tanzania’s side along the Tanzania and Kenya border adjacent to Moshi, next to the smaller mountain; Mount Meru. The two mountains are actually extinct volcanoes, and Kilimanjaro is comprised of three separate volcanoes which are: Kibo at 5896 meters or 19,340 feet, Shira at 3,962 meters or 13,000 feet and Mwenzi at 5,149 meters or 16,896 feet. The violent activity of Mount Kilimanjaro is geologically related to the formation of the Great Rift Valley which is just 100 kilometers to its West.

 Mountain ecological zones
Mount Kilimanjaro prides in five main ecological zones moreover the activity in each of the zns is dependent on five main factors which include rainfall, flora, altitude, fauna and temperature. Each of the zones occupies an expanse of roughly 1000 meters in altitude in addition to which its subject to a equivalent reduction in rainfall, temperatures plus life ranging from the verdant forests.
Getting there

The nearby International Airport is the Kilimanjaro International Airport (JRO) and for those travelling from Europe, KLM /Delta Air Lines serves a daily continuous flight running from Amsterdam to Kilimanjaro International Airport.

Those traveling from Nairobi in Kenya, you can choose to catch a flight with the renowned Kenya Airways, which serves together with Precision-Air, to Kilimanjaro International Airport at a very affordable cost on which you can attain an all roundtrip ticket. Optionally, you can take any of the schedule shuttle-buses, which set off at 8am as well as 2 pm everyday at a very low price per individual. It is a 5 to 6 hours drive.

People traveling from Dar Es Salaam can catch a flight to Kilimanjaro International Airport at also a very reasonable airfare for a round-trip, alternatively board a 7 to 8 hours drive on the bus to Moshi/Arusha.
 Things to Consider on Your Kilimanjaro Trek

Mountain Kilimanjaro has for eternity been one among Africa’s most exceptional landmarks. Compiled of three volcanic cones, the mountain dominates the horizon of the Kilimanjaro national park. Although the mountain is quite challenging to hike, it has be made well-liked because of the numerous routes available. However with Mount Kilimanjaro proudly standing at approximately 6,000 meters beyond sea level, it is definitely not easy to conquer. Below are a few highlights of some of things you surely need to put into consideration while organizing to ascend Mount Kilimanjaro.

1. Get well-planned before you set off

As you think of partaking this great lifetime adventure up the renowned Mount Kilimanjaro, the most common question that crosses anyone’s mind is ‘what do I need to take?’ Ensure that you pack a high-quality jacket as well as a sleeping bag, for in the absence of these items you will have an unforgettable night but for the very wrong cause while up on the slopes of the mountain. Another vital item to consider is packing a bag weighing approximately 15 kilograms, you may decide to assign the role of carrying your luggage or bag to the availed porter for just a minimal fee.

2. Think of the Altitude

As you ascend Mount Kilimanjaro, it is normal that you will be exposed to the five dissimilar climatic zones. The higher you will ascend, you will discover that the oxygen levels too decrease; this will result into nausea drowsy, and generally a feel of sickness. These are the regular symptoms of mountain-sickness. Preparation prior to your mountaineering can make the adventure either enjoyable or a dreadful. However the best recommendation is to take this voyage slow; it isn’t a race of finding out who can get to the summit before others. A good remedy in battling mountain-sickness is water; ensure that you consume a minimum of 4 litres each day so as to maintain your body in good health condition. In addition, it is important to consult your medical personnel before setting off for this lifetime experience. This is a very vital precaution that will ensure that your trekking adventure is a success!

3. select your route wisely

Whatever route you may decide to take to summit this mountain, make certain that it accommodates a voyage of at least 6 to 7 days. This is of supreme significance, for should it be any shorter you much stand the risk of not well acclimatizing your body hence increasing you chances of suffering from mountain-sickness. Fortunately, there are several routes on this mountain from which you can make your choice entirely depending on the level of difficulty, traffic as well as scenery. Among the easier routes on the mountain are: Marangu-Route and Rongai-Route, whereas the those seeking for more thrill can take on the more challenging  may want to tackle the more difficult Machame-Route, or the Shira-Route, or the Limosho-Route.

If you put into consideration the above three highlighted points before setting off, you stand a better chance of enjoying this hiking adventure with no affiliated hassle. This will certainly unload you of the worries related to the trip and actually give you an opportunity to better enjoy mountain Kilimanjaro. Consult with an expert in this field to acquire more helpful and relevant information about this region.